Alex + Kelsey | Champaign Engagement Photography

Back in December we had the privilege of photographing Alex & Kelsey’s for their engagement photos.  It takes a brave couple to go for a December engagement shoot in central Illinois but they absolutely rocked it.  For this shoot we did some photos out at the Lake of the Woods in Mahomet, Illinois, which offered some great backdrops for photos, and spend the end of the shoot in downtown Champaign to wrap things up.  Braving the cold comes with benefits and one really cool one that came up on this shoot was a frozen patch of ground in the Lake of the Woods.  Down in a low area water had pooled and then froze when the weather took a turn well below freezing.   This encapsulated with foliage underneath freezing them perfectly beneath.  Getting ring shots on this surface was really fun and neat to get to do.

This session was our last of 2016, and one of our last ones for a while here as we take a pause all the way until June when we begin our season again. Don’t worry though, there’ll be more photos posted here in the mean time from some of our adventures.  For now though, we hope you all enjoy these photos of Alex and Kelsey!  Congratulations to them on their up coming wedding here in 2017!!

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