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Following our visit to Detroit we headed across Ontario to the city of Toronto.  The city of Toronto has buildings with unique and photogenic architecture, similar to the city of Chicago.  This made it it very appealing for a visit.  While we were there the weather mostly held up nicely for us, just some rain on the first day and the clouds stayed at bay for the rest.  That worked out well for the town as Lake Ontario was up and some pretty high levels, so high in fact that the Toronto Islands where we had hoped to take some pictures from were closed to visitors until the water recedes to a level that is safe.  Thus we’ll have to make another trip up there again and get some of the skyline shots of the city from that great vantage point.  Never the less there were some good places still to get some skyline shots, one of which is below.  There are also a couple links to some gigapan images, one from the day, and one from the night.  These were taken off a pier near the eastern side of the city.  The links and some of our favorite images from the trip are below, hope you enjoy!

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